Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an urban adventurer’s dream come true. 85 acres offer everything from open fields and themed playgrounds to a marina and beach volleyball. On weekends and evenings, enjoy food festivals, al fresco movies and renowned cultural events, all at your doorstep.

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  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway

  • Marina views from Pier 5

  • A waterfront retreat on Pier 1

  • Skyline views throughout

  • Tranquil beach at Pier 4

  • Take a ride through history on Jane’s Carousel

  • Waterfront walks on Pier 1

  • A 14-minute commute to Wall Street via ferry from Pier 6

  • Enjoy the center of it all at Pier 3

  • ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina

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  • Playgrounds at Pier 6 - Endless fun and entertainment for kids and kids at heart.

  • Sandbox Village - Step into the largest sandbox in New York City.

  • Adventure around every corner.

  • Slide Mountain - Take a ride down 2-story slides.

  • The fun starts right outside your door.

  • Many walkways beckon for exploring, where children can play freely.

  • Fornino's beloved pizza is tucked within the playgrounds at Pier 6.

  • Marsh Garden - Find moments of joy in the natural environment.

  • A playground for the imagination less than 4 minutes away.

  • After a test of climbing and strength, skip over to the Water Lab to cool off.

  • Hideaway for an afternoon in well-built play houses and multi-floor tree houses.

Brooklyn Bridge Park